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Note:You can generate maximum 30,000 free crowns at once.
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This Wizard101 online generator will help you generate free crowns into your wizard101 account. Note that you will not be able to generate free unlimited crowns. It is important to have a daily limit of 51250 free crowns if we want to have a stable and safe crown hack. We need free crowns in wizard101 because it is hard to get them any other ways. Crowns are imperative to develop our progress through the game. Having free crowns in wizard101 will have a great positive impact on your overall journey in becoming a true player. You will get the chance to use more items and weapons and hence put your creativity at work to use these as better as possible against your foes. This wizard101 crown generator will not only get you free crowns. What it does it gives you lots of free time which you cannot get any other way.

As you can expect this wizard101 hack will work for anyone regardless of his location. Our servers are avaialble on multiple servers across the world. If you have problems receiving the free crowns to your account try selecting a location as closest to your actual location. You will only be able to select these amounts of free crowns: 2500, 5000, 13750, 30000. Having these specific amounts is what makes the Payment Emulation feature relevant. These amounts are the same amounts you can purchase from the store. Having the exact same mounts it is a lot easier to go undetected. As you can see the last amount of 60000 crowns is not added to the list. This is becaus it is riskier to have such big amount of free crowns to generate daily into your account. Few people are daily purchasing 60000 crowns. So in order to stay more safe we have not implemented this amount within the wizard101 hack. IMPORTANT: You must manually activate the proxy server feature (Anonymous) and the Payment Emulation Feature in order to keep your account 100% safe.

The wizard101 hack will usually deliver the crowns within 5 minutes or less from the time the generating process shows as a success. However, depending on various factors the program may fail. Either because your location, either because our servers are overused or maybe because too many users are generating the same amount of free crowns in the same time. If this happens do not lose faith. Just give it one more try and try to select a different amount of free crowns and see how this goes. Happy gaming!

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